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                                  Shaman Mystical Stone Skulls                 

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The origin of this Stone Skull is not known.  It is a natural formation.  When gazing upon an objects the shapes seen are said to be within the eye of the beholder.

Stone Skulls are used in Healing Circles, American Indian ceremonies and in your own sanctuary.


To be the caretaker of a Stone Skull is to work with a different kind of energy.   It is a mystical experience that pulls you back into the deepest caverns of your being.  This is a Quote from the seller.... of the Shaman Skulls.                                                                                                                                                 


THE STORY OF THE STONE SKULLS FROM THIS SPECIAL PLACE IS GROWING and this is another sacred one from a rare collection of healing circle spirits being released now to join the energy lay lines around the world to each skull as they will unite at a future time and date and activate as the UFO sightings become more.

                                EACH STONE SKULL from this shaman collection holds a key

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                           "The Shaman"   natural stone formation.






                                                Crystal Skulls
Many times what we do not understand can indeed be misunderstood...the Skulls being one of these things. 
 If one works with the Skulls on a psychic and spiritual level their beneficial purpose may again be made available to mankind during this crucial time of transition for the Earth and all her Kingdom's.  This was the intention of the Ancients in giving The Skulls to us. 
According to The Mayan...13 Crystal Skulls will come together before 2012 to save mankind from destruction.
 The belief is....when the skulls come together they will transform human consciousness to it's true enlightened state of being before the so called "End Times" and help us through the Transition.
 According to The Mayans the Skulls were created by the Pleiadeans whose goal it was to teach man about the history of Earth and his Heritage.
The Skulls were not given or left as a form of worship.  They were for teaching, healing and as device to help advance our consciousness through.
They can take us on a journey into other states of awareness where our consciousness can truly soar into the Higher Realms. 
The Mayan Day-Keeper Hunbatz Men, believes those Crystal Skulls used in the many Sacred Sites around the world from where they were originally taken will be empowered again with their Energies when the Skulls are returned.  
The Bible Codes mention the Crystal Skulls and the prophesies attached to them.
The I Chin, claims the planet had four previous Births. On December 21, 2012....a new planet will be born.Skulls are a tool for Reawakening mankind. 
 They are Messenger's Of Light.
The Ancient Skulls are made of Clear Quartz, Rose, Amethyst and Smokey quartz.
The Chinese worked with human size Jade Skulls.  Buddhists' also have been healing with Crystal Skulls for centuries.
 It is the shape of the skull that permits the energy to flow though the Matrix and allows transmission.  The properties of quartz and other minerals facilitate the energy flow. a skull made from 1,500 to 2,000 years ago or can be much older.  Old is from 100 to 1,000 years.  Then you have what is called, Modern or Contemporary Skulls. There are a few well known skulls...Mitchell-Hedges, Synergy, Amar, and several others.  MAX and SHA-NA-RA are the only two acclaimed to be authentic. It is said at the time when the 13 Skulls are activated that other skulls in the world will be in attune with Them and those of The Light and Vibration and having their skulls will be in communication with the Original 13.
Skulls can and do communicate with each other.  You can put a modern Skull next to an Ancient One and there is a transfer of energies.  What is most interesting though...we have found even if a modern skull has not been next to an "Oldie" it can just as easily be worked with. 
The Size does not always determine the energy transmission.  Skulls act like a computer chip. 
They give, receive and hold information and visions.  Different Sonic frequencies and Tones activate them. 
Ancient Skulls were found near or around Mayan and Aztec Ruins in Peru, Mexico, Central America and a few other places in the world.  Skulls have a deep rooted impact on Indigenous people to this day and they still use and work with them.  
Quartz records thoughts and visions. Skulls act like a visual movie and communicate via Graphics, Geometric's and Telepathy.  
When Skulls are Activated they play out like a video on the human consciousness. 
Skulls can work through the 5 senses of the human brain.  
They can make a sound in your ears change color and  give off an odor. Energies are felt when one's hands are placed upon them. 
Energies are also felt within the Chakra System.  Max, is 18 pounds of clear quartz and was used by the Mayan in their healing and prayer ceremonies.  
Max and Sha-Na-Ra, are the only two Lab. tested Skulls claimed to be Ancient.  Those that work through Max, claim he is over 36,000 years old.  The Mayan say...12 Skulls are the Sun the Moon and 10 planets...the 13th is reserved for Quetzalcoatl, who will return to rule the planets.  Amar, is a Crystal Skull that a Tibetan High Lama took with him when he fled Tibet.   It is now housed in Canada. 
The Skulls are to protect both man and the planet and help us through the hyper-dimensional shift. 
The Ancient Skulls have spoken to our Ancestors...we pray they will activate All Skulls at the appointed Time and we will heed the Knowledge and Wisdom contained within them that they are so desiring to share for our guidance and Ascension.
"Om Mani Padme Hum"   
"Behold..The Jewel In The Lotus"


Crystal Skull and Atlantian Crystal Activation Attunements.
This year I introduced The Crystal Skull Activation, The Atlantian Crystal Activation and The Elemental Earth Star Empowerment to members of The Crystal Skull Whisperers...Founder Jay Burrell.  This Trilogy will connect you to the healing energies and knowledge of Atlantis.  The Crystal Skull that you will receive during your Attunement will always be with you, due to the fact it is placed into your 8th Soul Star Chakra. You will always be able to be in contact with your Ethereal Crystal Skull thereafter.  The Atlantain Crystal is placed into your 7th Chakra being the Crown Chakra.  We have noticed after the Crystal Skull Activation one is more open to Crystal Skull channeling.      
Three Attunements are being offered  (also Distant Attunements) by Karin. You may contact her at.....
It is necessary to have the Trilogy for full empowerment. 
The Manuals will be sent to you.  $20.00 each.  Payment will be arranged.  A time and date will be set up by you to receive the Attunement. 
Atlantian Crystal Activation Attunement and Information

We would like to pass on the ancient knowledge from Crystals themselves in a quick and easy attunement to them.
The Atlantian Crystal Attunement being one of the Triology by Jay Berrell, is an attunement to the crystals from Atlantis.  All crystals including the Atlantian Crystals have Spirits/Devas as we have Spirit Guides and Angels who are there for us. The only difference is that the Spirits/Devas of the crystal were being used by a civilization (The Atlantians) to move these energies around that would help the Earth, heal the Earth and her inhabitants (Humans) and to raise the vibration of the Earth. 
They are not the life force of the Earth, however they do help to raise her vibrations and ours as humans as well.
The Atlantian Crystal Activation is more of a Spiritual and Personal progression attunement that will help you on your spiritual journey and mankind's ultimate ascension.
Please feel free to contact Karin with any questions about The Atlantian Crystal Activation Attunement.   
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